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CBE PROJECTS company profile

For those who want to know us better…

All in all we had a simple business definition: to provide professional service to any organization and business who need certification to standards, permits stamp of approval, the Defense Ministry provider records, registration of contractors and ISO certifications to companies that are looking to expand into foreign markets. This is the target we set ourselves at the beginning of our way 20 years ago. And today?

Who are we?

 2 branches one in Jerusalem and one in Modi’in.

5 project managers who perform various qualifications and certification for our customers.

22 standards we’re the only company that qualifies such a wide range of authority to 22 standards and various permits for standard notes.

1,000 customers so far that have been certified by us for various standards, 95% of them continue to work with us years mainly when the time comes to renew the certification and permits or for certification of additional standards and the others enjoy our accompaniment to continue on their own.

This is where it all began

CBE projects was established in 1994 by Eli Cahana owner and CEO an expert in the fields of economic consultancy, risk management, quality assurance and preparation and accompanying international standards – ISO and Israeli standards.

Eli has a BA in Economics and an MBA from the Hebrew University. Company staff working project managers – economists, engineers, industrial management and a doctorate in law degree graduates in various fields.

Our project managers provide advice and personally escorted currently 1,000 leading companies and organizations in the fields of high-tech, trade and services, as well as small organizations and organizations early in their careers. The service is available to companies operating in the country and companies operating worldwide.

There is a method and it works

Recall that the goal was to give the highest quality professional service in the field. Very quickly formed the method that works: project managers. Each customer or organization attached to the project manager to have a single address to manage the whole process in front of her. He gets to know your business thoroughly to do the work in the most focused, smart, practical and fast manner. They are Responsible to write the procedures, prepare guidance on the preparation for reviews, treat all documents and bureaucracy to give full support to receive accreditation, certification or seal of approval sought. The fact that 95% of 1000 our customers continue to work with us Ongoing years only proves – it works.

Even overseas

Our working method also works overseas. So far we’ve made, and still perform, certifications to a variety of ISO standards for dozens of companies in the world in order to enter markets and international business expansion in China, the US, Russia, Eastern Europe, East Asia, Central and South America, Africa, India and more.

For more information leave details Or send an email to cahana@cbe.co.il  and we will contact you shortly